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Shonen icontest//

A icon contest for shonen anime

Shonen Icontest - An icon contest for Shonen Anime
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Shonen_icontest is an icon contest. It's a community where people can gather to make icons corresponding to a picked theme. After the deadline of each contest, voting begins. First, Second, Third, Mod's choice, and Special Category winners are chosen.

Shonen_icontest was inspired by many icon contest, but tmm_awards and fma_awards in particular.

-You are always allowed to submit 2 icons.
-Icons submitted should have to do with the theme. If they are not, they will be turned down.
-Do not use fanart in your icons. This includes doujinshi.
-Obviously only submit your own icons. None that weren't made by you.
-No criticizing anyone's icon making skills. Everyone works hard to make their icons.
-Animated icons are allowed.
-Don't show your icon to anyone else while voting or submitting is in process. That's unfair to other members.

All submissions must be from a shonen anime/manga. If you are unsure, please take a look at this list:

Shonen Anime that will be accepted:

- InuYasha
- Ranma 1/2
- Prince of Tennis
- Trigun
- Fullmetal Alchemist
- Rurouni Kenshin
- Naruto
- Zatch Bell
- Gundam Seed/Gundam Seed Destiny
- Gundam Wing
- Beyblade
- Blue Seed
- Excel Saga
- Chrono Crusade
- Cowboy Bebop
- DN Angel
- Digimon
- Pokemon
- Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z/Dragon Ball GT, any other DB series
- Yuugio
- Escaflowne
- Full Metal Panic!
- Ghost in the Shell
- Any .hack// series
- Hell Sing
- One Piece
- Shaman King
- Slayers
- Lupin III
- Mermaid Forest
- Rockman.EXE
- Neon Genesis Evangelion
- Ninja Scroll
- Samurai Champloo
- Tenchi Muyo!
- Black Cat
- Mai-HiME
- Slam Dunk
- Hikaru no Go
- HunterxHunter
- Flame of Recca

If you would like to contribute to the list, please contact me.

When you submit your icon, comment onto the theme post with this format:

Ranma 1/2 // Hibiki Ryoga

All themes are declared at 7:00 pm Pacific Time, and will end the same time the next week.

When you vote for icons, please use this format:

1) #4
2) #19
3) #1
SC) #7


4, 19, 1

Voting will end Sunday at 4:00 pm Pacific Time. Please take your time to vote! Even one vote can make a difference.

Week 1: Naruto + Lyrical: gaua
Week 2: Fullmetal Alchemist + Danger: _monteh_
Week 3: Samurai Champloo + Female Characters: gaua
Week 4: BLEACH + Weapons: _monteh_
Week 5: Ranma 1/2 + Spiritual: orlandogirl
Week 6: Mai-HiME + Seven Deadly Sins: okami_hu
Week 7: Trigun + Lyrical: In progress

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If you would like to affliate your icontest community with ours, comment on this post ^_^.

Mod - _monteh_
Co mod - qem_chibati

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